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Olympic Flower is one of the largest and best flower stores in the country. We also deliver the best service and the best flower bouquets and gifts. To further expand on our service delivery and give ourselves another step ahead of the competition, we started a blog site to offer helpful tips, advice, and other flower-related information. Customers often ask about how to better care for their flowers and how to make them last longer and that is what this site is for.

Below are a few brief and simple tips for taking better care of your flowers and treating them in the right way.

Make flowers last longer – To make your flowers last longer, keep them in a cool place away from direct sunlight. You should also keep them away from heating and cooling vents, fans, ovens, and other electrical appliances.

Flowers in wet foam – If your flowers arrive in wet foam, keep them in the foam and keep the foam soaked in water. The water you use should ideally contain flower food.

Flowers in water – Your flower arrangements should preferably be in water that contains flower food provided by your florist. The vase should always be filled with fresh water – if it becomes milky you should throw out the water. Remove leaves that will go below the water level.

Flowers with woody stems and branches – Use pruning shears to cut the stems. Place the flowers in warm water with floral food. This will help with flower opening.

These are the basics flower care things you should know and practice. For more information or other flower care related questions, contact Olympic Flower at info@olympicflower.com.

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